What We Do

You either love cows, or you’re wrong.

Our Philosophy

We’re not just cattle owners, we are ambassadors for the breed.  Regardless of the size of our herd, one cow or 1000, our commitment to raising the best cattle we possibly can will remain the same. We will always strive to produce healthy, adaptable cows in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable manner. 

Our Methods

  • We practice rotational grazing.
  • Supplement feed with 14% protein Purina Stocker Grower.
  • Utilize Purina High Mag Mineral with fly control, Purina Protein tubs and Purina High Fat tubs.
  • Wean at 6-7 months.

Our Goals

Our goals are pretty simple. 

  • First and foremost our goal is to be good stewards of this farm. We are blessed to be here, doing something we love, and will never take this for granted.
  • Be good neighbors and give back to the community that has gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.
  • Produce quality livestock in a responsible sustainable manner.
  • Become a valued source for replacement heifers.


Black Angus

M3 Farm Black Angus

If you are looking for a breed that is good natured, adaptable, harsh weather resistant, and matures extremely early, then look no further than the angus. There are so many desirable traits in the angus, but the calving ease and good calf rearing instincts make this breed a stand out. The female angus is well-known for superb mothering traits and milking ability.

Black Baldy

M3 Farm Black BaldyThe baldy is characterized by the white face similar to the Hereford, with the red body replaced by the black from the angus. Primarily known for their excellent mothering ability, they are also docile and good natured. Baldys easily adapt to most climates and are an excellent choice if longevity, good calf survival rate and fertility are important qualities.

Red Herefords

two red herefordsShhhh… Don’t tell anyone but she’s one of our favorites. Smokey is loved by all and we’re quite sure she knows it. She just one step from wearing a tiarra and a shash that says “Queen”. 

She is an excellent mother and births those babies like its her job. Well, because it is. We’re not biased, but her offspring are the cutest gray calves you’ll ever see. 

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