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Small Farm, Big Dream

Red clay, green pastures, and black cows. It does a soul good.

Having a small farm has been a life-long dream. Some of my earliest and best memories revolve around time spent at my Uncle Glen’s farm in Olanta, SC. It’s where I learned to drive a tractor and drive a car. Spending time at the farm also meant spending time with family. Time with Uncle Glen, Aunt Alma and cousins was always a highly anticipated and coveted event.

My Dad owned a service station for 40 years and worked 6 days a week. So, getting to the farm was restoration for him. The weight of the world just seemed to dissolve once those four wheels hit that old dirt road. A peace that couldn’t be found in the hustle and bustle of everyday life was tucked away in a sleepy little town about an hour from home, just past the Chat and Chew Café in Turbeville County. Twenty-four years was not enough time with my Dad, but in those years, he instilled in me a love for farm life.

Ten years after my father died, my mother married Mr. John Chapman, a Saluda native. John was a widow with no children, therefore didn’t have grandchildren – until he married my Mom. A better man couldn’t have been handpicked to become “Papa John” to my children who were deprived a grandfather. They loved him fiercely and he in return.

John maintained the Chapman homestead and shared it freely with our family. Like my own childhood, the boys also learned to drive tractors, trucks and basically anything with wheels here. Growing up, their weekends were spent deer hunting, running rabbits and shooting doves. A lot of memories have been made at 332 Emory Road and this place will always have a special place in our heart. Today, ten grand babies are making a new crop of memories.

In 2009, our beloved Papa John passed away. As an extension of his unselfish love for my mother and her children, he left this farm to me. With every prayer, I thank God for this tremendous blessing. Our goal at M3Farm will always be to give God the glory and honor John Chapman’s legacy.

With heartfelt gratitude, We are living my big dream on a small farm.



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Address:332 Emory Road

Saluda, SC 29138

Phone: 803.530.6738

Email: neal@m3farm.com

Business Hours: Call for an appointment

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