Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hobby Farmer?

If you’re wondering what the best Christmas gift ideas for the hobby farmer are this year, you have come to the right place. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season. Adding simplicity where you can is the antidote for that. Below is a list of personal suggestions to help make your holiday shopping a breeze. The images are clickable and will refer you to my affiliate link on Amazon.

What exactly is a hobby farmer? The term hobby farmer in no way minimizes the dedication or work associated with their farm. It simply means they operate a small farm either for pleasure, supplemental income or both but not necessarily as a primary source of income. The average age of the American farmer is 58 years old and many of the “later in life” farmers started as hobby farmers.

If there is a hobby farmer in your life, you can rest assured anything on this list will be appreciated.

Let’s start with the basics. Good quality work boots are a must! These Ariat Work Hog pull-on boots are both stylish and durable. A version of this boot is available in steel toe, composite and waterproof.


It goes without saying, if you have boots, you need a boot scrubber. This Jobsite scrubber is affordably priced, built to last, and comes with a full refund guarantee.


Carhartt Jeans are a timeless staple for any farmer’s wardrobe. You simply can’t beat the quality for the price.

Just like Luke Bryan said – rain is a good thing. A dependable, quality rain gauge is a must have. How can you contribute to the breakfast conversation at the corner diner if you don’t how much rain you’ve had.

A portable solar charger is not one of those things you use every day, but when you need it, you need it. If you want to give a gift that shows that you put some thought into it, this is one that will make both the giver and the receiver happy.


Remember what Luke said, rain is a good thing.  It’s also a messy thing and nobody enjoys wet boots. The Dry Guy Boot and Garment dryer is such a practical gift it’s almost a necessity.


You can never have too many pairs of work gloves. You need a tractor pair, a truck pair, a barn pair, and pair in the house. You get the picture. Telling a farmer they don’t need another of pair gloves is like telling a girl she doesn’t need another pair of shoes. Well, you just don’t.


This last idea is just for fun. This Farming with a Chance of Drinking Tshirt sums it up.

Of course there are oodles of other great gift ideas but this will give you a good place to start.

Above all, remember the reason for the season.

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